About the project

The Whitehouse Project Explained

The project is to include the redevelopment of the current Whitehouse Pub into a fit for purpose multi-functional community building, which will offer a range of vital and needed services to the local community.

The pub is situated on Whittern Way, Hereford.  Once refurbished, the Whitehouse Community Centre will perform the functions of a community space and will offer:

• Space for community/communal activities

• Space for community and other organisations to deliver key programmes of support for the local community, ranging from debt advice, social club, police surgeries, housing advice  and community development support.

• Dedicated youth services through the involvement of Close House and Herefordshire Council for Voluntary Youth Services.


Entrance to Whitehouse

We will also work in partnership with key service delivery agencies and letters of support have already been received from the following:

• Herefordshire Housing.

• West Mercia Constabulary.

• Close House.

• Herefordshire Voluntary Action.


The old bar area

A local Community Consultation report in 2007 conducted by Herefordshire Voluntary Action on North Hereford identified the need for a community space in the local area and recommended this as a priority:

“Community facilities have been identified as key local priorities and will be critical to the long term success and sustainability of locally based organisations and their ability to meet local needs”

The local pub is the last remaining community building on the estate and its closure has caused considerable concern and anxiety for the local community as many local groups have used the pub as a meeting space.

Who is it for?

Once open to the public it is hoped that many local residents will benefit from the project, both through attending events and accessing services and through improved community development activities.

When will it be open?

The project has been fully designed by a local architect, planning permission has been received, and a competitive tendering exercise completed and a contractor appointed.  The build phase will be managed by our architects.

We are now in our formal fundraising stage.  It is all now down to fundraising so we are not sure when work will start and when the building can be opened.

How much will the building cost?

The first part of the building cost will be just under £250,000, so a lot of funding will be required to get this open.  Work is required to the roof, to windows, to doors, new toilets and kitchens are all required with works both inside and outside the building.

How much has been raised so far?

So far we have had great support from:
Herefordshire Council who have offered £75,000
Hereford City Council who have offered £30,000

Cemex who have offered just under £10,000

Other grants have been applied for and other applications will be made to try to get the full amount.